Zoom Burnout? How to Beat it and Grow Your Local Biz This Fall

Sep 21, 2020

Most local businesses took their events, camps, and classes online during the spring and summer, which was a very smart move.  But now we hear a lot about those same businesses struggling to fill those online options this fall.  What's changed?  

Kids are back in school and for many, that means full or partial virtual learning.  When kids are spending four to six hours per...

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3 tips to get your biz in Google's top 3 local results

Sep 14, 2020

If you do a local search for your business category, do you see your biz in the top 3 results? Are you on the map?

Those top 3 spots are definitely the place to be and we've got some tips to help improve your chances of getting there.


The first step to the top of the rankings is to spend a little time with your Google My Business profile. Don't have one? Go...

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New Facebook Layout Issues? Help is Here.

Sep 02, 2020

Like it or not, the new Facebook is here to stay so it's time to learn how to use it.  While it may seem confusing at first, with a little practice, you'll figure out where all your favorite features are in no time. 

And to help you get started, here are some hints for finding three Facebook functions most business owners and marketers need.


While you don't have to use...

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3 Things Every Local Biz Needs on Their Website

Aug 28, 2020

With so many local businesses closed or dealing with limited hours or capacities due to the pandemic, the online presence of your business is more important than ever. 

Instead of dropping by to check out your facility or stopping in at your location to learn more, parents are relying on what they find online.

Luckily there are a few things you can do to boost your chances of turning...

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3 To-Do's Before the New Facebook Arrives

Aug 21, 2020

Have you checked out the new Facebook layout yet?  Many of us have tried it and quickly switched back to our more familiar Facebook feed but come September, there will be no more switching. 

Facebook has announced they're rolling out the new look, dubbed FB5, across the board sometime in September.

While change is always a little challenging, we'll all get used to the new,...

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Do Moms Still Want Your Online Classes?

Aug 15, 2020

A few months ago, many local businesses made the smart move to shift their classes, camps, and other offerings online or to a delivery or to-go model.  But now many are wondering if they should shut those options down as their businesses reopen. 

We surveyed moms across the country to find out what they wanted and were a bit surprised by the results.

The majority of moms that took...

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3 Free Tools to Monitor Your Online Presence

Aug 12, 2020

Are people tweeting about your business? Posting about it on Facebook? Giving you reviews on Yelp? 

You may not know unless you're tagged. It's hard to keep up when you've got so much else to manage in your business. But here are a few free tools to check out to make sure you don't miss a mention. 


A super simple way to make sure you know if your business is mentioned...

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What 80% of Moms Are Worrying About Right Now

Aug 10, 2020

Most parents and educators are familiar with the "summer slide," that loss of academic progress over the summer months.  Well this year, everyone is worried about the "Covid slide" the loss of kids' progress since school let out in most communities back in March. 

The members in our community, The Members Club,  just for local businesses that market to parents and families,...

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FB Likes vs Follows. What’s Better for Your Local Business?

Jul 30, 2020

If you've ever been confused about the difference between a like and a follow on your Facebook page, you're not alone.  Most page owners keep track of likes, but don't necessarily understand how those differ from follows and which metric they should be keeping tabs on. 


When someone follows your Facebook page, it simply means they want to see your updates in their newsfeed and...

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[PANEL DISCUSSION] 7 Things Moms Want Local Businesses to Know Right Now

Jun 04, 2020

Do you know what one thing successful businesses have in common? 

They know their customers inside and out.  They know what they need, what they’re worried about, and what they want from businesses.  

When you know your customers, really know your customers, it makes reaching them with content they want to see, so much easier.

If you’re a local business that markets to...

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