3 Free Tools to Monitor Your Online Presence

Aug 12, 2020

Are people tweeting about your business? Posting about it on Facebook? Giving you reviews on Yelp? 

You may not know unless you're tagged. It's hard to keep up when you've got so much else to manage in your business. But here are a few free tools to check out to make sure you don't miss a mention. 


A super simple way to make sure you know if your business is mentioned online is to set up a Google Alert. 

Just go to Google.com/alerts and set up an alert for your business. You'll be emailed if Google finds your business mentioned online.  

This is also a great way to set up alerts for articles about topics that you may want to share on your Facebook page that can help elevate your brand. For example, if you're a dance studio, you can set up a search for articles about kids dance, parenting a dancer, etc. 


Social Mention, monitors more than 100 social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The results also display a list of factors to help you measure and improve your brand's reputation, such as the likelihood that your brand is discussed on social media, the reaction of positive mentions to negative mentions, etc.


Social Searcher is another free tool that goes above and beyond when it comes to social monitoring.  Not only does it alert you anytime your keyword is mentioned online but it also provides stats and insights to go along with it.  

Curious which social platforms provide you with the most mentions?  Wondering what time of day people are talking about you?  All of that and more is available with Social Searcher.

We know you've got a lot on your plate, but letting technology take over some tasks, means you'll have a little extra time to keep tabs on your online footprint.

This will help you track your loyal fans and keep an eye on those oh so important reviews. Try out one of these tools, you've got nothing to lose but an item from your to-do list.

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