3 Marketing Topics Local Biz Crave Info On

Jan 24, 2020


What do local marketers what to learn more about?  According to our survey of local businesses, The State of Online Local Marketing 2020,  the top three things local marketers say they crave information on are really no surprise.


  1. 67% of local businesses surveyed said they wanted to learn more about organic social media success
  2. 56% of local businesses surveyed said they wanted to learn more about Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  3. 53% of local businesses surveyed said they wanted to learn how to create a marketing plan


The need to learn how to achieve greater organic social media success as number one on the list of priorities was no surprise. Considering the rate of decline businesses have been seeing in their organic reach since Facebook changed its algorithm two years ago makes this a high priority for all local businesses.

Today only about 6% of the people who like or follow a business' page actually see that business's posts, and we all want to see that number go up.

Here are some tips to make that happen. 

Tip 1: Work with Facebook, Not Against it. Getting a solid understanding of what Facebook likes and doesn't like will help. And rather than trying to outwit Facebook, you'll get better results simply complying and doing more of what Facebook likes. 

Tip 2: Leverage Video. One thing that Facebook absolutely loves is video. A post that includes a video is going to get more organic reach than one that simply has a photo, and much, much more than one that only has text. Don't worry your videos don't have to be professional or slick. Simply going live at your business and being your authentic self is what parents are looking for. 

Tip 3: Know Your Customer. Create posts that your customers will be interested in. If you're a gymnastics studio and famous gymnasts are on tour and coming to an arena near you, share that to your page. Moms will love you for it.

If you're a preschool, share a learning activity to do at home with mom or dad each week. If you're an art studio and Michaels has an amazing sale on paint, share that with your audience. The more your audience feels you understand them, the greater the connection they will have with you. And the more they will comment and share your posts or thank you for them. Facebook will deem this positive and your next posts will get even greater traction. 

Tip 4: Frame Your Posts for Conversation. When you post, think about ways you generate a conversation. If you post a photo of a kiddo having fun at your sports center, instead of commenting John's having a blast playing with his training today. Add a question – What do you think John did next? Or What are your daughter's training goals this year? Or What soccer skill does your son want to work on in 2020? Asking questions will generate responses and that engagement will boost the post's reach.

Tip 5: Limit your Promotional Posts. If every single post you make is a self-serving post about your business, pretty soon your audience will turn you off... and so will Facebook. Make sure to sprinkle your promotional posts in with other valuable content posts so there's a good balance. 


Considering the decline in organic reach, it's no surprise that local businesses want to learn more about Facebook and Instagram advertising. And if you have to promote an offer or event, then paid advertising is the way to go. 

We've got a few simple tips that will make a big difference.

Tip 1: General Marketing Tips May Not Apply 
Many marketing tips that work for online businesses or larger national businesses do not apply to local businesses and can hinder your performance rather than help it. You need to understand the best practices for local businesses.

Tip 2: Don't Over Target 
The first rule for successful Facebook and Instagram advertising that applies to local businesses is:  don't over target. The most important and effective targeting for local businesses is by geographic area. Targeting further into interests will only reduce the number of people you reach and limit the Facebook algorithm's ability to succeed. 

Tip 3: Know Your Audience 
We can't underestimate the importance of knowing your audience and creating ads that get your audience's attention and will resonate with them. Make sure you're focusing on something that they're interested in, and supplement that with attention-grabbing images and text. Create an ad with your audience's pain point in mind, and how you can help them solve it.


It's so smart that the majority of businesses we surveyed said they wanted to learn how to create a marketing plan.  The best time to create a marketing plan is when you start marketing, but the second-best time is today! Research has shown that businesses that have a plan, grow at a rate of 30% faster than businesses who don't have a plan. 

Tip1: It Doesn't Have to Be Complicated  Your plan does not have to be complicated. Keep it simple so it's doable. Just having a plan will ensure that you'll be much more successful in your marketing then prior years when you did not have a plan.

Tip 2: Measure Results
Set a schedule for yourself to see how you're doing against your goals. It could be monthly or quarterly. It really depends on the types of goals you set. But in order to achieve these goals, you'll want to regularly check-in to see how you're doing. You'll be super proud if you're hitting or exceeding your goals, and if you're not, it's simply a sign to stay focused, perhaps tweak a few things or maybe just stick with your plan and follow it through. But knowing where you are is important to getting to your destination. 

Tip 3: Rinse & Repeat
Once you've gotten down the process of creating a plan and measuring your results, you want to continue the process quarter over quarter or year over year, and your business will continue to grow!

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