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5 Free Tools to Move Your Local Business Online

Mar 19, 2020

Local businesses all over the country are getting creative and taking their businesses online. 

Whether they’re class providers, destinations, schools, libraries, wellness providers or something else it’s a time to get creative and figure out how you can continue to connect with your customers, help families and keep your business moving forward.

We’re lucky to have a variety of great video conferencing tools at our fingertips these days but even better is that many of these companies are providing free versions of their tools so that people can continue to stay connected while we’re all keeping our social distance.


Zoom is one of the most popular tools out there for hosting remote meetings and it’s easy to see why.  Its platform is easy to use and offers a free version that is robust enough for most local business needs. 

Host unlimited meetings of 40 minutes or less for up to 100 participants.  You can record your meetings, share your screen and interact with participants.  Zoom can keep your one on one lessons or large presentations rolling along without interruption.


Cisco’s popular video conferencing tool, Webex, is offering an expanded version of its free option. 

Businesses can host an unlimited number of meetings of up to 100 participants with unlimited meeting length. Free users also receive one gigabyte of cloud storage and access to features such as screen and file sharing. 


Lifesize makes it easy to join a video call from any device including phones, tablets or computers.  They’re currently offering six months of their service for free to anyone and that includes unlimited meetings with up to 300 participants and cloud recording.


While popular with gamers, Discord also offers Go Live, a screen-sharing tool to allow teachers and classes to chat together and share screens and audio. 

If you’re not ready to jump on video just yet and want to keep your students interacting together, assignments organized and teaching moving along, check out their free service that allows simultaneous audio and screen sharing to up to 50 people at once.


Skype is a familiar name in the videoconferencing world and most people have “skyped” at one time or another.  Now you can use Skype to host video calls to connect with customers or fans anytime. 

Their free option allows unlimited video calls of up to 50 participants.  You can share your screen and presentations and record meetings for later use.  Plus the service is available on mobile devices, tablets or computers.


Changing the way you run your business can feel scary but there are opportunities these days for local businesses to move forward, reach more people and make an impact on their communities.  

Give one of these tools a try and see what amazing things you can do.

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