5 Local Marketing Trends to Know in 2020

Jan 14, 2020

There are lots of 2020 marketing predictions out there. But the thing is, most of what the "experts" are saying isn't appropriate for local businesses. 

You're probably not likely to get a Kardashian as your influencer or to institute AI in your marketing efforts or to go all-in with your podcast.  But there are some trends that local businesses need to pay attention to. 

So, we came up with our own list of the top five marketing themes that should be on the radar of local businesses that market to families.


Remember when you could post to Facebook and almost all of your followers would see it?

With organic reach at 5-6%, that's no longer a reality. But social media is still an integral part of your online marketing toolkit.

You just need to understand how parents are using social media to interact with your local business.

When moms are looking for local businesses, they're going to Facebook and checking out your page. So even though your posts may not be getting the reach and engagement you're hoping for, they're still important.

Moms want to see that you're active and engaged on social media. That you're posting regularly and responding to your followers.

In addition, there are tactics you can use to boost your organic reach and social media is still a great place to build community and loyalty among your current fans.

Paid social media ads also have a place in your online marketing strategy. No need to run them all the time, but if you've got a big promotional push, that's when you need to move beyond organic reach and put a few dollars behind that content to get the results you're looking for.

Social media is as important as ever in 2020, you just need to manage expectations and understand what moms are looking for.


It's no surprise that video is something you should be doing with your online marketing. And video is continuing to grow in importance.

All the algorithms (Google, Facebook, Instagram...) love it and you'll be rewarded with better search engine results placement, social media reach, and engagement with your followers when you incorporate video.

Moms don't expect perfection. They don't care if your videos are professional. Just you, direct to camera, in your business is good enough for them.

As long as you have something of value to share with them, they'll be happy. Tell them about new updates to your business, introduce them to staff members, share a tip or trick or provide a product review. There are plenty of opportunities to jump on video and communicate with your audience.

And when you do, don't just limit yourself to a Facebook Live. Create a YouTube channel and post it there. If it's less than 30 seconds, put it up on your Google My Business Profile. Add it to Instagram. Make the most of your marketing content and put it anywhere and everywhere moms might find you.


Most of us cringe when we hear about SEO and with good reason. All those backlinks, keywords and meta descriptions are enough to make any business owner look the other way.

But for local businesses in 2020 some of your best SEO moves are also easy things you should be doing anyway.

Let's start with Google. They're doing everything they can to keep users on Google as long as possible. Instead of re-routing searchers to your business website, they want to give people all the info they're looking for right there in Google.

That's where Google My Business comes in and it's the biggest thing you can do for your Google SEO. Make sure you've got a complete GMB profile and set aside 10 minutes to check in on it each week. Respond to reviews, post an update or offer, and add a picture or video.

Other big things to boost your SEO? Make sure your entire marketing strategy works together. The messages, images, and info on your GMB profile should match what people will find if they click through to your website.

The same goes for your social media. Stay active on Facebook and Instagram and be sure your profile info is consistent. Those videos we talked about before? Search engines love them, the more you post, the better off you'll be.


Do you know what your customer is doing before they walk in your door or send you an email? You'd better because that customer journey is critical to making sure moms will want to connect and do business with you.

Now, more than ever, you've got to know where your customers are and how to reach them long before they contact you. Having a holistic marketing strategy in place that accounts for the entire customer journey is a 2020 necessity.

Appearing in search results, having a strong social media presence and website, and even creating a referral and retention program are all key parts of meeting the customer anywhere and everywhere that they are and making sure you're doing everything you can to win them over.


Moms these days are more marketing savvy than ever.  They won't respond to ads or marketing that aren't meant for them and irrelevant emails are sent straight to the recycle bin. 

Personalization is a big deal for 2020.  And that means more than just inserting a prospect's name in an email (although that's important too). 

It means that you've segmented that email list before sending out your message to be sure that it's relevant to everyone who receives it.  It also means getting hyper-focused with your paid ads. 

Instead of putting all of your ad budget into a general ad about your classes that doesn't really speak to anyone, set up three different campaigns to highlight specific programs, age groups or interests. 

Knowing your ideal customer inside and out and using each time of contact as an opportunity to connect with them in a personal way can make a big difference in the success of your marketing initiatives.

So how are you setting yourself up for success in 2020?  Getting your marketing on track and putting these five tips to work is a big first step.

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