5 Ways to Fill Seats This Summer

Jul 23, 2020

If you've still got a little work to do to reach your customer goals for summer or fall classes, camps, or other activities, there are things you can do. 

And the good news is that any one of them can go a long way towards helping you reach your objectives.  If you've got time to do several, you'll definitely be setting yourself up for success.


It might seem obvious, but many local business owners and marketers forget about the amazing marketing asset that is your own email list.  Send out an email to your list with specific information about your current offer or promotion and instructions on exactly how to take the next step. Make it crystal clear and super-simple for them to sign up.

Looking for an extra email boost?  Include a referral bonus for anyone on your list who refers a new customer and turn your email contacts into your own marketing team.


Moms love social media and the majority of moms are logging on multiple times per day.  Take advantage and post to Facebook about your special offer. 

Again, make it clear and concise and provide an easy and obvious call to action for signing up.  If possible, pin that post to the top of your page so anyone who stops by your business page will see it first.  Then, ask some friends, family, or even favorite customers to like, comment, and share your post so it will get even more reach.


Outside of email and social media, moms love blogs and local parenting websites.  If you've got any well-trafficked sites in your area, see what types of advertising packages they have for local businesses. 

Many have a variety of options to fit any budget and marketing need.  Hulafrog, for example, offers choices from self-service promotional tools through fully managed "done-for-you" ad packages.  These can be especially great choices if you need a little help and guidance to spread the word. 

Working with the right local blog or parent site can be like hiring your own marketing firm at a fraction of the cost.


Boost your reach by partnering with other local businesses.  Find a business that has a similar target audience without being competitive.  For example, if you teach art classes for kids, partner up with a swim school or gymnastics studio. 

Put together a joint email promoting both of your offers and send it to both lists – you each reach a potentially much larger and new audience.  Do the same with your social media posts for easy, increased reach.


Moms love social proof and if their favorite local blogger or influencer loves your business, they'll be more likely to check it out. 

Reach out to a local mom blogger, author, Facebook Group admin, or otherwise influential mom in the community.  Offer her kids a free spot in your class, camp, or upcoming activity in exchange for sharing her honest review about your offering publicly.  It won't cost you much but could bring in amazing publicity.

Hopefully, at least one of these ideas might work for your business and will help you fill those empty seats. 

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