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5 Ways to Keep Your Local Business Healthy During Coronavirus/COVID-19

Mar 12, 2020

It's stressful when things are out of our control and the current coronavirus outbreak is the perfect example of that.

As people worry about the best way to protect themselves and their families, local businesses are seeing less traffic and that means less revenue.

This week we're sharing some ideas we've seen other local businesses trying to help keep customers loyal and maybe help the bottom line through these challenging days.


No matter what type of business you have, if you've got a physical location, you should put policies in place according to your local health authorities to keep your employees and customers safe. 

Once you've done that, share the news with everyone you can.  Ease parents' minds that their family's health is on yours. 

Tell them what you're doing in your business to keep them safe – from cleaning to keeping employees home if they have so much as a sniffle. 

Post to social media, add a statement to the homepage of your website and send out an email to your list. Your customers will appreciate your efforts and the peace of mind they'll feel when working with you.


Pay attention to your state and community recommendations – and follow them.  If they discourage large gatherings, postpone that dance recital or change the special event you had planned. 

Communicate your plans with customers and keep them in the loop about how and when events will be rescheduled. 


If you have to close your business for a time to keep your customers safe, take the opportunity to maintain your relationship with them. 

If you coach a team, send regular emails or consider hosting video calls.  Send your students assignments to work on while they're away to keep their skills up and encourage them to send you updates and questions about their progress. 

Just because you're not seeing each other in person for a while, doesn't mean you can't continue to teach, coach and mentor your kids. 

Keeping those relationships strong means that once things settle down, they'll be excited to come back and will be more loyal than ever.


Let's face it, local businesses are worried about revenue during this time and with good reason. 

Depending on the status of your community, there might be ways you can get creative and still bring in revenue even with restrictions in place. 

Some ideas we've seen other businesses trying:

  • Curbside delivery – stores & restaurants can offer curbside delivery to minimize everyone's exposure but keep your customers coming. 
  • Move your services online – some classes, lessons or sessions can be moved to an online platform.  Even things like music lessons can be done online.  Think about how you can make online options work for you. Parents will be grateful to keep their kiddos' activities going, especially if schools are closed.
  • Take it outside – if you're still able to get out and about but worried about confined spaces, see if it's possible to hold your yoga class in a local park or another outdoor venue.  Keep those social distancing guidelines in mind and see what you can do.  Again, people will crave the community interaction and be thankful you're providing safe opportunities for their kids.
  • Offer promotions – think about what types of promotions you can offer now, for future services.  Pre-sell buy one get one passes for your location or offer some great discounts on classes, camps or services scheduled for later in the year.  Think about ways to bring in cash now even if you're not able to be open for a few weeks.
  • Alternative offerings – consider alternative services you can provide for your current customers or other families during this time. If you're a tutoring center, offer online schooling or lessons. If you offer sports classes, host an online PE class for kids to join. How about a virtual field trip to your museum, farm or other destination?  Think of ways to bring in some new customers and some cash.


If you're forced to take an unplanned break from business as usual, think about ways to take advantage of it. 

Maybe you've been meaning to paint your facility or do some other redecorating.  This could be the perfect time to improve your location without any inconvenience to your customers. 

Or you could take the opportunity to focus on some tasks you've been putting off – planning your promotions, setting up a referral program, improving your branding – whatever it is, use your lightened to-do list to stay productive and keep your business moving in the right direction.

From everyone here at Hulafrog.Biz we hope you and your community stay safe and healthy and that your business continues to thrive.

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