5 Ways to Take Your Local Business Outdoors

Jul 16, 2020

If you're struggling to figure out how to host your classes and events in a safe and socially distanced way, you might think about taking it outside. 

We recently asked moms across the country about what activities they'll participate in with their kids this summer, and 91% said outdoor activities were on their list.

And when we asked them specifically about attending outdoor events, 65% said they were ready to go. 

Not sure how your traditionally indoor business would work in an alfresco way?  Check out these creative examples from local businesses across the country.


A bookstore in Massachusetts is offering outdoor storytime and BYO picnic.  Kids across the country have missed out on their local storytimes and this is a safe, seasonal way to get those kids excited about reading and get moms pumped about your organization.  Offer a special discount for attendees and you've got yourself some great local PR and future sales as well.


A California music studio has created special outdoor sessions for kids to experience interactive and in-person music fun.  These socially distanced classes are held in a public park and have limited sizes and they've been so popular, they also have big waiting lists.


Shout out to a children's museum in Wisconsin for bringing joy to the community in a fun and safe way.  Their "sidewalk surprises" are chalk-art games like hopscotch and other multicultural sidewalk games that any family can play together.

Even though their doors are closed, this organization is using its skills to bring creativity and happiness to an entire community.


Fitness classes can move outdoors relatively easily in most cases but this Parks and Rec department figured out how to move all their options outdoors.  In addition to fitness and tennis options, they've also taken yoga and dance classes into the fresh air and they've moved their arts and crafts outside as well.  They're keeping kids moving, creating, and safe all at the same time.


This art center in Massachusetts has taken their workshops and classes outside so kids and families can continue to create while keeping their distance.  From drawing to drama classes, kids are masking up and heading out for fun this summer.

Hopefully these local businesses have inspired you to think about how to take your favorite events and activities outdoors this summer and fall.  Parents still want to give their kids options for socialization, learning, and fun.  When you can provide all of that in a safe way, you'll create loyal customers for life.



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