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Do You Know How You're Doing?

Nov 28, 2019


Pleasing customers is a priority for any successful local business.

But how do you know how you're doing? Are your customers happy?

Maybe they're so happy, they'd be willing to buy more from you.

How can you find out?

Survey them.


Making a customer survey part of your annual practice will help your business in more ways than we can count. But here are a few:

  1. It sends your customers a message that you care about what they think
  2. It will give you specific feedback on where your business is strong and what you may want to work on
  3. It can give you ideas for other ways that you can service your customers and increase revenue.

Doing a survey each year can help you with your annual business plan in determining where to focus your time and effort.

And it can shed light on some new products or services you may want to test based on your customer's feedback.


When you survey your customers first and foremost you want to keep your survey short and sweet. No more than 5-7 minutes to complete.

It may help to think about your questions in three buckets:

1) About You

This is a great opportunity to learn more about your customer profile. Knowing and understanding your customers on a deeper level will help you serve them.

2) About Us

Here's where you ask questions about how you're doing, what they love, what you can improve on, etc.

3) About Our Future Together

Here's where you can propose some ideas that you may be thinking about for the business and get their feedback.

Or simply ask them what else would you like to see from you in terms of new products or services.


Put yourself in the right mindset when reading the results.

Remember not to take any responses personally, but rather feel grateful that they've taken the time to help you uncover some areas to focus on, things you would have never realized had they not shared.

And this knowledge will help make your business even stronger.

The information you receive will be enlightening — with lots of great stuff to help you plan your new year. And your customers will appreciate you for asking and that alone will help you kick off the new year in the perfect way.

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