Facebook Groups. Should Your Local Business Start One?

Jun 12, 2020

With more than 10 million groups on Facebook, you might be thinking about jumping on the groups bandwagon for your local business and with good reason. We know that moms love groups, 63% of moms in our recent survey said they use them. 

And we know that Facebook also loves groups.  Group content is prioritized over regular newsfeed posts in the Facebook algorithm and with the increased calls to focus on generating meaningful conversations on their platform, Facebook groups are becomingly increasingly important. 

Many businesses have their own private Facebook groups to take advantage of increased exposure and to build community and loyalty around their brands.


Groups are sounding pretty great, maybe you should create one for your local business and start reaping the rewards.  But there are definitely some things to consider. 

Groups can be effective ways to share information about your business with the community and to engage your fans but they also take a lot of work. 

To run a group successfully, you have to be dedicated to continuously posting valuable content that is different from your regular newsfeed posts.  You need a strategy for responding to all comments and engaging your group members. 

And you need to have a really clear "why" for creating the group.  If you're just hoping to reach more people, that's probably not reason enough.  You have to be able to connect the group to increased lead generation, revenue or some other critical business goal. 

Unless you're already an admin for a Facebook group and absolutely love it, it's hard to justify starting a new group for most local businesses.


So how can you take advantage of Facebook groups without all the hard work?

Join local groups where your target customers are congregating. There are likely a lot of mom or parenting oriented Facebook groups in your community and if you know how to use them correctly, they'll be a wealth of knowledge and potential business leads. 

The primary thing you need to be successful in Facebook groups is to remember you're there to make a connection with moms.  It's not about you, it's all about them.

Join the group as yourself, not your business page.  Whenever a business joins a group, members become suspicious that you're only there to promote yourself. 

Become active in the group, comment on other's posts, answer questions when can. Just be yourself.  You'll probably start to see questions or posts by parents looking for a place to host a birthday party, a new dentist for their family or recommendations for preschools.  When someone asks about your business category, feel free to chime in and share some information about your business.   

Spending a little time looking at posts in these groups will also help you understand what is important to local moms.  What's on their minds?  It will allow you to better connect with them both in the group and in your business. 

Just remember, keep the promotional posts to a minimum, provide more help and value than you're asking for and keep your eyes and ears open to learning everything you can about your ideal customers. 


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