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Nobody sees your Facebook posts… Now what?

Oct 23, 2019


Facebook has continued to tighten its grip on organic (unpaid) reach for business pages.

In fact, on average, only 6.4% of a page’s followers see any given post. 

If you’re a local business with 1,000 likes, only 60 people are seeing your content.

Given that, should local businesses even bother to spend time posting to Facebook? 

We think so but not for the reasons you might think.


In our recent survey of over 6,000 moms across the country, we found that, not surprisingly, when a mom is researching a local business – looking for a place to host her child’s birthday party, or for music lessons – she goes online

And one of the top places she goes to evaluate businesses?  Facebook.

She’s not looking at your most recent post in her newsfeed, she’s going straight to your page and looking at your entire Facebook presence.

Everything from the images you present, your ‘about’ section, how frequently you post, what your content is and if you’re communicating with your followers are all areas that she's checking out.

She’s likely not one of the 6% of people receiving your outbound marketing, but when she comes to your page she wants to see that you’re active.   

Even if only a handful of people are seeing your organic posts, continuing to keep an active presence on Facebook is so important. 

If a mom is interested in your business and comes to Facebook to learn more, she’s not going to be impressed if you’ve only posted once in the last month, don’t have any contact information filled out, or post irrelevant content. 

Facebook’s role for local businesses has expanded beyond just a platform to push out messages.  Now it’s also a big part of your “foundation marketing” – your online presence that parents find when they are looking for businesses like yours.


And don’t forget about reviews.

91% of moms in our survey say reviews influence their decisions and Facebook is the #1 place moms go to read and write reviews for local businesses. 

Once again, they’re basing their decisions about purchase or registration on what they see on Facebook.

Facebook is constantly changing and your strategy needs to keep up.  The next algorithm update is likely right around the corner and who knows what it will bring. 

Make sure you’ve at least got a plan in place to keep your Facebook presence looking great.

Even if it feels like your engagement and reach are ineffective, your social media strategy is likely having a positive effect on the growth of your business.

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