Top 3 Ways Moms Reach Out to Local Businesses

May 29, 2020

You can have a great website, perfect Facebook posts, and tons of positive reviews and ratings on Google but if you don't get it right when a mom is ready to buy or commit?  Well, then all your hard work might be for nothing.

There are three primary ways that moms use to reach out to local businesses when they're ready to register for camps, make an appointment or purchase tickets. 

As a local business, it's important to have your bases covered on all three so you'll be able to catch a mom whenever and however she tries to reach you.


The number one way moms prefer to reach out to your local business is by email. 

In our recent Members Club survey of moms across the country, we found that 52% of moms open their inboxes to communicate with your business.  

What does that mean for you?  First it means you must have a solid email plan in place.  One that includes you or your employees checking and responding to all incoming emails at least once a day. 

There's nothing worse than a mom finally deciding she's ready to register her daughter for dance classes only to hear crickets after hitting that send button.


Moms also cite in-person visits as one of their top ways to reach out.  In fact, 43% of moms use this method. 

This can be great for you since it offers the chance to show off your facility in action but it also means you need to be ready for drop-by visitors.  If you're an indoor play place or a store, that shouldn't be a problem, but if you're a class provider, make sure you or one of your employees has the ability to greet that mom and answer any questions she has. 

It's important to recognize that this data was gathered a few months ago, back in our pre-pandemic world, so there likely aren't a lot of spontaneous in-person visits happening right now.  But we can all hope that once we return to a more normal life, moms will begin dropping by again so it's good to be ready.


We hear a lot about how moms aren't big on making phone calls these days but when it comes to reaching out to your business, 42% of moms say this is a method they use.  And for many local businesses it can be one of the trickiest to deal with. 

If you're busy teaching a music class or helping a customer, you may not have the ability to pick up the phone right away.  Make sure you have voicemail enabled and that you check it every day and respond as soon as possible.

The biggest takeaway to remember is that you never know exactly how a mom will choose to interact with your business and you'd best be prepared for whatever platform she chooses. 

And that means preparing your employees as well.  If one of your employees is answering the phone, their demeanor and responses could very well determine whether that mom chooses to purchase from your business or not. 

Train all of your front-line employees in your core values and principles.  Put a cheat sheet next to the phone reminding them of how your business treats each potential customer and how to communicate. 

When everyone in your business is prepared, you can feel confident that no matter how a mom gets in touch, you'll always be putting your best foot forward.

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