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When are Moms Planning Kids' Summer Schedules?

Feb 27, 2020

It might seem early but moms are already in the middle of planning summer activities for their kids and families. 

In fact, we surveyed moms across the country and found that by the end of January, 23% are already done planning.  So if you haven't gotten your summer promotions finalized, you may have missed the boat. 

But all's not lost because 67% of moms say they plan their kids' summer schedules between February and May so you've still got plenty of opportunities to get in front of them. 


How to make sure your summer promos are successful? 

Make a plan of your own. 

Come up with a great offer (that works for your bottom line!) then spread the word about that offer where moms are sure to see it.

Then be ready to respond whenever and wherever they've got questions – email, phone, Facebook, Instagram, Google – these days you've got to be everywhere.

And don't forget a promotion just for those last-minute moms.  16% of those surveyed aren't much for planning in advance and wait until summer arrives to figure out their schedules. 

Creating a separate offer, just for them (if you still have spots) that speaks to their specific needs, will go a long way in connecting with your customers.

Bottom line?  If you're a camp, class or other summer event or activity provider, it's time to get cracking on your promotions.  Moms are ready to figure out how to keep their kiddos busy over the break.


Summer can still be a great time to offer a promotion. 

Lots of moms wait to schedule those eye exams, orthodontist appointments or book family photos until they don't have to work around school days.  Put together a summer offer and see how it works for your business.

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