Zoom Burnout? How to Beat it and Grow Your Local Biz This Fall

Sep 21, 2020

Most local businesses took their events, camps, and classes online during the spring and summer, which was a very smart move.  But now we hear a lot about those same businesses struggling to fill those online options this fall.  What's changed?  

Kids are back in school and for many, that means full or partial virtual learning.  When kids are spending four to six hours per day on Zoom or similar platforms, families are making different decisions about their after-school time. 

Many parents are worried about the excessive amounts of screen time their kids are getting.  We've heard frequently from moms like this one who said,

"My boys enjoyed some online stuff this summer, but we won't continue it during the school year. I think they need to do things outdoors with real people, even if it's just their family members. They need some balance to being online all day."

And it isn't just parents.  Plenty of kids are feeling burned out by their online requirements and aren't excited about jumping back online for extra classes or events.


So what can local businesses do if in-person options just don't feel safe or simply aren't allowed?  Take it outside. 

We've talked about outdoor options before, but now, more than ever, it is so important to move anything and everything you can outside. 

Holding your dance classes outside?  Unusual for sure, but what isn't this year?  It's time to get out of your comfort zone and into the fresh air. 

We know from a survey we conducted earlier this month for our Members Club community for local businesses, that only 9% of moms aren't comfortable attending outdoor events with their families.  While over 50% are not comfortable with in-person classes or camps.

What about the weather?  Well, what about it?  Many communities have city, state, or regional parks with reservable shelters in case of rain.  And kids in colder climates are more than used to bundling up for recess or spring soccer games. 

Think about how you can get creative and try offering some outdoor options and see what your community thinks.  If they fill up fast, scale up those al fresco opportunities while you can. 

If nothing else, 2020 has taught small businesses how to be flexible, how to adapt, and how important connecting with your customers is in providing the products and services they want and need.

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